Beverley Hamilton bio

Beverley Hamilton is along-time member of the former Church of the Epiphany and is our current Treasurer. She has served in many capacities over the years, including as a member of the vestry, our governing board. She writes:

I first visited Epiphany with my brother-in-law who was a friend of Canon Clark, the rector at the time.  A few years passed and my husband Glen and I were looking for a church home.  We visited a few churches and decided to again visit Epiphany.  This was in 1999.  We were made to feel welcome and invited to the Parish Hall after service.  From then on, we became members of the Epiphany family.

My husband and I immediately became involved with the family of Epiphany.  I truly believe that God had led us to this particular church, because when my husband Glen died in 2002, my church family became my source of strength.  People whom I had not known for a very long time, offered their comforting words and support in every way possible.  I knew this was my “rock and my hiding place.”  A place where God indeed was changing lives.

Today, Epiphany and Christ Church means to me a place where people love God and love their church.  A place where people are living their faith.  A place where people, some limited by their own mobility, never fail to visit the sick and those unable to come to church, giving of their time unselfishly.  A place where people notice when someone has not been to church in a while and check up on that person.  A place where ALL are welcome to worship God.

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