our future present

Our youth aren’t just the future church, they are part of the church right now. We are so proud of their accomplishments and contributions to our congregation’s life.

youth activities

shrove tuesday

 Shrove Tuesday, also called Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, is the day before we begin the season of Lent and the fasting associated with it. Our Youth Group cooks the traditional Shrove Tuesday dinner of pancakes and sausages, a lot of fun and a great fund raiser, too!


Part of growing up is accepting mature responsibility for ones’ own faith. Conformation classes guide students through an examination of their faith and what it means to them. The six-months of classes culminate in Confirmation by the Bishop as students take responsibility for the promises made by their parents and others at their baptism.


Our students love to get out and about, as most teens do. Some of their activities include  visits to other churches, going bowling, skating at Branch Brook Park, pizza parties and visits to arcades.

praise dancers

Praise the Lord! Our youth are talented and dedicated Christians and they give expression to their faith in many different ways. Joining with our children and adults, our young people are proud to express their faith in the enthusiasm and energy of our liturgical praise dancers. The troupe performs several times throughout the year during our worship service and other events  and has been in growing demand to share their ministry with other congregations both in our Diocese and with churches of other denominations.