April 14 - April 20
April 14 - April 20
Palm Sunday Procession
Washing feet on Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Venerating the Cross on Good Friday
Easter Vigil
Lighting the New Fire
Easter Sunday
The altar on Easter Sunday
Easter Egg Hunt
The Annual Easter Egg Hunt

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Why Epiphany & Christ Church

Everyone has a reason they choose a particular church to join and become a member. Read stories from a few of our members about why they chose Epiphany and Christ Church. Consider joining us and continue the stories.


Our Story

We all have our stories about how we got to be who we are. The same is true for our church. Ours’ is a a wonderful story of two congregations, less than a mile from each other, coming together as one. We hope you’ll be inspired by our story and want to join us and add your story to ours. 

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