Rector Announces Retirement

Our Rector, The Rev’d Joseph A. Harmon, has announced his retirement. At a special vestry meeting on Tuesday, April 23, Fr. Harmon announced that after prayerful consideration he will retire effective August 31, 2019. The vestry has granted his request to take his usual vacation during the month of August. Accordingly, his last Sunday with us will be July 28.

The wardens and vestry will work with Fr. Harmon over the next three months to ensure a smooth transition as he winds down his ministry with us. The wardens are in communication with the Bishop’s Office and they, together with the vestry, will guide us as we make plans to search for a new rector; but those plans cannot begin until after Fr. Harmon’s retirement is effective in August.

There will be much to do in the next three months as we say farewell to our Rector. Fr. Harmon wants to be available to anyone who would like to meet with him one-on-one or in small groups. The vestry will plan an appropriate formal farewell for later this summer. Click the links below to read Fr. Harmon’s letter to the parish and a letter from our wardens. Please keep Fr. Harmon, our wardens and vestry and our entire parish in your prayers as we enter this time of significant transition.

Coming Events

Mother's Day

Marguerite Smith will be our guest speaker at the 10 AM Mass on Mother’s Day. She is the current President of the Newark UBE chapter. Read her Bio.

Game Nite

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew, our Men’s ministry, will host a night of fun and games Friday, May 24 from 7 to 10 PM. Bring a friend. $20 admission.

Pentecost flame


Come celebrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday, June 9th. Breathe in the power to live in the Spirit of Pentecost.

Why Epiphany & Christ Church

Everyone has a reason they choose a particular church to join and become a member. Read stories from a few of our members about why they chose Epiphany and Christ Church. Consider joining us and continue the stories.


Our Story

We all have our stories about how we got to be who we are. The same is true for our church. Ours’ is a a wonderful story of two congregations, less than a mile from each other, coming together as one. We hope you’ll be inspired by our story and want to join us and add your story to ours. 

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