Children's Ministry

Join our children’s ministry and discover the joy of learning about God with inspiring stories, adventurous trips, and exciting games. Let us nurture your child’s growth, build a strong foundation of faith, and create lifelong friendships. Come embark on this incredible journey with us!

Our church offers a range of activities that foster spiritual growth and an engaging community experience. For children, we have vacation bible school and sunday school programs that aim to promote Christian values through fun, interactive lessons and activities. Our VBS includes bible teachings, games, crafts, and music aimed at children’s enjoyment and academic development. In Sunday school, children engage in age-appropriate biblical teaching that encourages young minds to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Additionally, our church leadership has created exciting opportunities for those who love to dance. Our praise dance ministry allows participants to express their faith in creative movements during worship and events. Overall, our church is dedicated to providing a family-friendly atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth and service to others, with these programs being just a few examples.

Sunday School

Vacation Bible Camp

Praise dancers

Our church is dedicated to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for the children of our community. As part of this effort, we organize festive events throughout the year that provide opportunities for children to come together, have fun, and deepen their faith.

Our Sunday School program welcomes children ages 4-12 to learn about God’s love for them in a fun and interactive way by doing arts and crafts, singing and dancing to songs, and hearing stories from the Bible. Teengers are invited to join our Youth Group, where we organize discussions on faith in this contemporary world and participate in community service events where we help our neighbors at various food pantries, older adult centers, and day care centers.  The third Sunday of the month is dedicated to a Family service where the children participate in church by reading the scriptures and special music to appeal to young spirits.

Our summer Vacation Bible Camp is a FREE full day camp from 9am-3pm daily for two weeks in August.  Our schedule includes daily breakfast, lunch and a snack. We also have field trips and a carnival complete with festival games and snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream.

During Easter, we hold an Easter egg hunt, where children get to search for hidden eggs filled with candy and small prizes. This event is always a hit with kids of all ages. We also organize an All Holy Ghost Halloween Party, where children get to dress up in their favorite costumes and enjoy games, activities, and treats in a safe and friendly setting. In addition to these events, we also organize activities like Christmas parties and more throughout the year.

Our goal is to create an inclusive and meaningful community where children can grow in their faith, feel valued and supported, and create lasting memories with their peers.


All Holy Ghosts Halloween Party

The Saturday before Halloween you and your kids are invited to join us in a safe space to celebrate what used to be called “All Hallows Eve,” which referred to the Feast of all the dead.

Halloween is a time to gently play with those things that frighten us, the things that go “bump” in the night and all the ghosties that may haunt our minds. 

Our All Holy Ghosts Safe Halloween Party is a safe space for parents and their children to have a lot of fun and games, act out their “ghostly side,” and enjoy lots of food and candy donated by local vendors for the event.

Watch for more information on our HOME page early each October.

Easter Egg Hunt and Party

Join us Easter Sunday following our 10 AM service for the Great Easter Egg Hunt and Party. Held outside in our church yard (weather permitting), our kids enjoy searching for hundreds of colored Easter Eggs. Afterward, come inside for arts and crafts activities, table games and great food.

Easter celebrates new birth, new life. Bring your kids and join the celebration. And this event is FREE!